Why I won’t travel with my friends

I have no problem with friends tagging along when I travel. But I won’t travel to a place just so I can travel with my friends. Why? Budget and priorities!

My friends want it cheap and familiar. All I want is adventure. I have a list of places I want to visit. If where my friends want to visit isn’t on the list, then I won’t go. Eventually I will wish to explore every country possible. But with limited amount of money, and no idea what the future will bring, I wish to travel to one of the places on my list. If I can afford it, I’ll go. Traveling to places not on my list with family is another thing, as it will be cheaper or even free for me since they might budge in just to have me come with them.

I’ve already been to Germany, so I’d rather spend a few extra cash and go to Romania instead. That’s why I want to plan my trip first, then ask if someone wants to tag along. When I decided to visit my brother in Scotland I knew exactly which of my friends I would ask. I knew that she had been begging her parents to go to Scotland for years, and I knew she was interested in the same thing that my brother studies.

Who you choose to travel with is important. If one of you wants to lay on the beach all day and the other wants to go hiking, then it might not be the best ideas to travel together. Find someone who wants to see similar things as you, although not everything similar, as difference can open for even more adventure.

-Elina R


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