I always forget how to pack

I’ve been traveling at least once every year since I was 2 years old. I’ve been packing my own suitcase for almost 10 years now. But I always forget how to pack.

There’s so many things to remember. The maximum weight. The fact that you might buy something that you will be bringing home. When traveling to Northern European countries you NEVER know how the weather will be.

Many people like packing already a week before they leave. I, however, like to pack maximum 2 days before.

I know what I need, I just don’t know if that’s ALL. I have my passport, my chargers, my computer, my purse, my tickets etc. Yet I always have to ask my mother if there’s anything else I need. This is the first time I travel by plane without my parents so it’s kinda different. A couple years ago you needed to print everything out. Now, at my local airport, everything happens by machine, and it stresses me out. I hate not having everything in physical format.

I am going to Scotland, and Scotland has unpredictable weather. Thankfully I live in Norway, and Scottish weather is very much like the southern/mid part of Norway weather. But this means that I’m basically packing everything I own, because you can get all types of weather in just 1 hour. Every time I pack, I realize how little clothes I have.

Lately my travels have been in the middle of the school year, meaning I travel in Autumn, Winter and Easter breaks. This means that I have tests when I get back home. Therefore I need to remember to bring my books, and that is the last thing you want to think about when you are going on vacation.

Even-though I forget how to pack after every trip, here are some tips:

  1. Don’t bring too much(your destination has shops to, if you forget something you can buy a new(maybe cheaper alternative)
  2. Do not put your electronics or valuables in your suitcase(You never know when it’s your bag that doesn’t arrive at the baggage-claim)
  3. If it’s possible, then bring only a carry-on
  4. A back-pack is most handy as a carry-on, but evaluate where you are going first, some airports are huge andy busy and people can easily snag something from or into your backpack. (Smaller airports in countries like Norway and Scotland I wouldn’t be worried about it)
  5. If you are putting a purse in your suitcase, see if you can put your clothes into the purse, this will save you space. If you bring a hat, shoes or anything that use empty space, then put your socks and underwear in them.
  6. Don’t bring ALL your make-up. Personally I don’t use make-up. But no matter where you are going, you’ll want to travel as light as possible.

-Elina R


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