The envy

I’m a person who talks alot, and I like sharing things with friends and family. Sometimes I tell stories more than once because I often forget whether I’ve told them or not. When I get home from a trip I got new stories, stories that I can’t wait to share. But I feel guilty, I feel like I’m bragging.

I grew up and live in Norway, a rich country. I’ve grown up with something called the “Jantelov”. The Jantelov says that you shall not think you are better than us, you shall not think that you can teach us something. It is a very cruel saying if you read all the 10 sayings. Yet, we grow up, believing these stuff.

Therefore it is hard for me not to feel like I’m bragging if I talk about my trips. Even making this blog felt like bragging. My intention is not to brag. I hate bragging. My intention is to share, to invite, to inspire. I always feel the need to tell people that I never take a trip for granted, that I thank my parents every day.

It shouldn’t be this way. One should be able to share ones adventures without feeling like they are doing something wrong.

-Elina R


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