The aftermath

It’s now 3 weeks since I came home from Scotland. A trip always end differently, but the aftermath is still the same.

The first day: “My own bed” “My family” “Real cheese”

After a week: “When I was in Scotland I…” “In Scotland they…” *Tells a story about the annoying passenger you sat next to on the plane.*

After 1 month: “I wanna travel” Others: You just came home. “One whole month ago.”

After I turned 18 I became a member of SAS(Scandinavian Airline) and And they send me offers every 4 days. And it annoys me, cause it wakes the traveler in me every single time. But I’m still in school. And I’m taking my drivers license. So traveling is not as easy as I hoped it would.

How do you cope after coming home from an international or national trip?


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