“Aren’t you afraid to go there?”

“Aren’t you afraid of going to Paris, so soon after the attacks?” “Aren’t you afraid of going to Dubai, it’s a muslim country.” “Aren’t you afraid of traveling alone in a foreign country?”

No, no I’m not! Why should I be? These happenings aren’t “common”, there are things that we do every day that can kill us. So let me ask you this:

“Are you afraid of driving your car?” “Are you afraid of walking down the stairs?”

The world is dangerous. To let the dangers of this world stop you from living your life is just rediculus.

The way I see it, a place might be SAFER right after an attack. Dubai is actually very very safe, and why should the fact that it is a muslim country change that? Just because they’ll look at me funny when I wear little clothing, like we look at them when they wear a burka?

Of course, don’t go to a country that is in the midst of a war. But don’t let a countries past ruin the countries beauty. In the past Rome looked upon men fighting to their deaths as entertainment. Japan has had terrible earthquakes, so has California.

Tell me, does 9/11, and the statistic on murders, rapings and robberies in New York stop you from traveling to the big apple? No? Okay, so why is Dubai so terrible, it’s much safer than New York, yet you praise New York. Everyone tells me I should visit New York before I die. But a city that was built from being a desert to having the worlds tallest building and largest shopping mall within 20 years, is much more impressive in my opinion.

Every country on earth is dangerous. Everything in this world can at one point be dangerous. So why should you stop traveling to places? Because you’ve only heard the bad things?


Don’t let anything stop you.


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