Nearing the end

8 months left. 8 months till the university life starts and traveling stops for a while. University is expensive, and so is traveling, and I can’t do both. In an ideal world I’d be able to do both, but this is the real world, and a hella expensive world.

2016 was a good year for me, especially when it comes to traveling. I got to travel to Dubai, Paris and Scotland.

This year won’t include much new destinations, but I’ll revisit places I love. I’ve got two trips to Bergen planned, plus I’m 90% sure that’s where I’ll be going to university there. Bergen really is a beautiful place, and it’s worth visiting again and again. For summer I’ll be working, but I hope I’ll get to take a trip to Sweden, and maybe Albania or Romania.

One day, one day after university I will travel more again. Hopefully I’ll get to visit Africa, south-america and oceania. Machu Picchu is my main dream destination, together with Iceland, Egypt, Australia and Canada.

I advice everyone to travel as much as you can this year!


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