My name is Elina. I’m 18 and live in a small-town near the south-western coast of Norway. I am a restless person and hate being in one place for too long. First thing my parents saw of this was my need to redecorate my room(which I did at least once a week).

I have been so lucky that my parents chose travel over luxury so I’ve been on many adventures. I’ve been to North-America, Europe and Asia. I’ve seen so much wonderful nature and architecture. I’ve filled my stomach with delicious food. I’ve heard great stories and I’ve met many fascinating people.

I wish to share my experiences with you, the lessons I’ve learned while traveling. I also wish to give you tips if you decide to travel to Norway.(Which you should BTW)

I hope you like my blog. If you want to ask me something, or have a great place I can travel to, than please post a comment on one of my post or here.